Universal End-to-End Security & Privacy

Bayun's DigiLockboxTM technology is being used by many enterprise application developers to integrate state-of-the-art "end-to-end" security and control for all data into their apps, similar to that being incorporated by the mega-giant corporations like Apple (for iPhone), Facebook (for WhatsApp), and Google (for Allo, Duo), etc. By simply integrating with DigiLockbox SDK, any enterprise application can get same level of security, or even better, as the security focused applications like Symphony, TigerText, Box, Tresorit, GhostMail, ProtonMail, etc.

Relinquish Data Control and Liability

Bayun enables an application developer to relinquish control of customer data to the true data owner, no matter where the data is actually stored - public/private cloud, or end-devices running the applications. Through simple integration with Bayun's SDK, an application developer can not only secure all the customer data against theft or loss, but also allow the true data-owners (e.g. enterprise IT admins) to exercise exclusive control over their data. Without having to move the data somewhere else (e.g. in a secure vault), all data is locked on creation, with strong encryption, and kept locked throughout the entire lifecycle, till the actual point of use. All this while, data keys are managed through flexible lockboxes such that all data remains in exclusive control of the data-owner, with possibility of no access for application developer, or Bayun, or anyone else - like a rogue entity (similar to how Apple itself cannot technically access a customer's data on an iPhone, even on a subpoena from FBI). An enterprise developer can allow the IT admin of each customer company to control all the data used by its employees, while a consumer app developer can give exclusive control of the user-data to the end-users directly (and, if required, still maintain a limited backdoor access for any compliance reasons). This not only safeguards all the data against potential breaches, external or internal; but also relinquishes the developer from the liability associated with being a custodian of customer data. The developer doesn't need to worry about complicated encryption technologies or key-management techniques, or lockbox management for enterprise policy enforcement, as all that is handled by the Bayun SDK.

Its free for developers!

Bayun basic security is free for developers to start with. It is possible to upgrade later for exercising control over the data and getting visibility into its usage. For service providers wanting to use our hosted SaaS model, it is easy to sign-up and get started quickly. Contact us below if you are interested in trying out our enterprise grade service with customized product options, or if you have any other questions.

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