8. BayunRC

BayunRC is a sample application that uses BayunCoreSDK to provide end-to-end encryption for SMS messages. It uses RingCentral APIs to send and receive secure "Pager" messages within the same organization. Users can login with their RingCentral phone-number and extension, and communicate securely with other extensions associated with the same main number, without RingCentral or anyone else having access to the message contents (including Bayun itself). RingCentral's own app sees these messages as garbled text.

Register your App with Ringcentral

In order to have access to the RingCentral's APIs, developer needs to register the app with RingCentral, and use the ApplicationKey and ApplicationSecret provided by RingCentral in the BayunRC sample app.

To get the ApplicationKey and ApplicationSecret, see App Development using RingCentral Developer Portal.

Build and Run BayuRC Test App

In the strings.xml file, replace the values of "application_key_sandbox" and "application_secret_key_sandbox" with the Sandbox Application Key and Application Secret Key.
Also replace the values of "application_key_prod" and "application_key_secret_prod" with the Production Application Key and Application Secret Key respectively.

Build and Run the project. You will need an active RingCentral account to login.

Enter your main RingCentral phone-number in the Phone Number field, extension in the Extension field and password in the Password field. Checking the "Point to Sandbox Server" checkbox number let the app point to sandbox server else production server is pointed.

Where to Go From Here?

You can find the BayunRC app on Github

For detailed step-by-step instructions on how to build and run the Android application, see the README file.

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