2. Getting Started

You’ll need to have the following development tools to develop an application using Bayun Framework :

• Xcode 7 or later with the developer tools for iOS 8 or later.

• To run the test apps, you will need to have CocoaPods installed. You can download CocoaPods from cocoapods.org.

• An iOS device running an app integrated with Bayun Framework should be running iOS 8 or later.

2.1. Getting the Bayun Framework

You can download the Bayun Framework named Bayun.framework from Github.

You can find the Bayun Framework in BayunSDK/iOS folder.

You can also refer to the test apps in the BayunSDK/iOS/TestApps folder. The test apps use the Bayun Framework to showcase common usage.

2.2 Registering a new App

After registering with the Bayun Developer Program you can register your apps with Bayun.

When you create an application on Bayun Console, you need to provide your App name. The app name that you provide should preferably be the same name as the one used for the app on App Store.
Click on the "Create New Application" after providing your app name.

We provide you with an appId and app secret when your app is registered with Bayun.

The appId and app secret will be needed along with the other authentication information when you authenticate with Bayun's Lockbox Management Server to use Bayun features.

These should be kept secure. You MUST register every new app with Bayun, and use a different appId and app secret for every app. Otherwise the data security of your apps will potentially be compromised, and the admin-panel functionality of different apps (used as a dashboard by enterprise admins for control and visibility) is also likely to get mixed-up.

An appID uniquely identifies your app with Bayun across all platforms, 
for example 080c481bc8f14a638911866b6da6540f.

The App secret can have one of the two roles i.e Creation or Access.

ACCESS: Secret with this role is required by an application to connect to Bayun's Server for authenticating a user, and access user data. The app needs to provide this secret to the Bayun SDK for all calls. It works only for an existing user, and does not allow creation of a new user or new company on Bayun server. Typically used in the client side app built by the developer (e.g. mobile apps).

CREATION: Secret with this role is required by an application to create new users and new companies on Bayun's server. The application needs to provide this secret to the Bayun SDK for all calls that require creation of new users (e.g. while using autoCreate in authenticate call). Typically used on the server side application built by the developer. If used on the client-side (e.g. in a mobile-app), it is strongly recommended that this secret is kept secure inside the app, and not hard-coded in the app's code. Its best if it is fetched by the app from developer's server only after authenticating the user.You can also edit the app Name in Bayun Console.

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