3. Installing Bayun Framework

3.1 Adding the Bayun Framework

Select your project in the project navigator in Xcode. You will get access to your project settings.

In the target setting select the General tab. Under "Embedded Binaries", click the "+" button to add an item. On the popup, click "Add Other...". Select Bayun.framework from BayunSDK folder and click "Open". A dialog will appear asking you to choose options for adding this file, as shown in the image below.

Select the ‘Copy items if needed’ option.

Click Finish and the framework will be added to your project.


Just #import <Bayun/BayunCore.h> to use Bayun public methods.

  1. Go to File>New>File.. and add a new header file called '[AppNameHere]-Bridging-Header.h'.

  2. Add #import <Bayun/BayunCore.h> to the new header file.

  3. Go to "Build Settings" and search for "Objective-c Bridging Header". Enter your bridging header here.

3.2 Using XCode 8.x ?

Add KeyChain Entitlement, Go to project settings -> Capabilities -> Keychain Sharing -> Turn On

Your project is now ready to use the Bayun framework.

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